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Just a few answers to the most popular FAQs....

How much does it cost to hire Vinbar? 

This is a tricky one to answer straight-up as every function is different. Our Vinbar Drinks Packages start at $40/pp, but if on a budget Poppie hire prices start at $200 and we do offer a bottle shop service (pick your drinks and we can deliver on the day!). We offer a variety of packages that are detailed on our Services page, but the best option is to fill out the enquiry form, email or call us so we can formulate a quotation that works for you. 


Can I hire Vinbar alone, without the staff?

Vinbar or 'Vinnie' as the van is called, is our pride and joy and as much as we have a lot of trust, we don't offer Vinnie without us. We do however hire out Poppie the Pop-up Bars (for more info click here).


What alcohol does Vinbar serve? 

Vinbar loves to support the local North-East Victoria, King Valley and Riverina wineries and breweries, so has therefore got a list of what we think are some of the best drops.


What are the dimensions of Vinnie the van? 

Height: 2470mm Width: 2190mm. Length (from towball to back): 4880mm


Does Vinbar service events outside of Albury? 

Yes! We have travelled as far west as Hay, NSW, Tumut in the North and Geelong in the South. Put a location to us and we'll see if the road trip fits in our schedule! Please get in contact with us to discuss your location.


Does Vinnie require power? 

No, for most functions Vinnie can remarkably run off his own pre-charged power! However, for extras such as coolrooms and/or an urn for coffees, we will need access to power supplied by you/the venue.


Do you service festivals, markets, fairs & fetes? 

Absolutely, Vinnie is the type you can take anywhere and is the perfect addition to festivals, market, fairs and fetes!


Your queries still not answered? No worries, send an email or call us and we will answer away!

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